Finally, a website!

This website has been soooooo long in the making but is finally up and running. My excuse: technology.  But what I lack in technological knowledge, I make up in gemstone and jewelry expertise. I think of my website as a living organism: changing, growing, with hidden flaws and  surprises. So I appreciate your patience and feedback: if something here doesn't work the way it should or just seems off, please let me know and I will do my best to correct it asap

I have two goals for this website.  One is to provide improved access to TerrAdore designs through an online inventory, an improved custom ordering system and information on events and retail outlets where stock is available. 

My other goal, and an advantage of a website, is to offer jewelry-related information on gemstones, metals, culture, history, origins, ethical practices, values and how to best clean, care and maintain your jewelry. 

With access to professional knowledge and resources, you will be better able to assess the general value of jewelry already in your possession, and make more informed decisions concerning purchasing, investing, securing, caring for, selling, gifting or passing on your jewelry.  Side benefits are that you will make better fashion choices regarding what jewelry to wear with your wardrobe, and perhaps begin to view your jewelry as an artistic expression of yourself.

The website will allow me to communicate more readily with customers for consultations, questions and custom orders. I also hope to encourage experimentation with different and perhaps more adventurous jewelry styles and to develop gemstone appreciation and enthusiasm.I look forward to building a vibrant local and online gem-loving community with you all.



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